DuVoice unified messaging solutions for Mitel, Norstar, Avaya

DuVoice DV4 Unified Messaging

Note: This product has been discontinued - click here for other Mitel products

The DuVoice DV4 is a unified messaging solution for business phone sytems "from Avaya to Vodavi".

The term "Unified Messaging" refers to the combination of the traditionally separate worlds of voicemail, fax and e-mail. The DuVoice DV4 is an ideal small business unified messaging solution. Featuring traditional voicemail, auto-attendant, fax and e-mail consolidation, the DV4 is a very flexible option for small business and hospitality requirements.

Use the DuVoice DV4 as a standalone voice-mail / auto-attendant system, or use the unified messaging functions to send copies of voicemail messages and faxes to your e-mail. For telecommuters with high speed internet access, sending everything to e-mail is a superb solution to the challenge of retrieving phone messages and faxes from the office.

Mailbox Features

  • 2000 hours voice storage
  • Scheduled notification to multiple pager or telephone numbers on urgent or all messages
  • Multiple personal greetings by schedule
  • Archived message folders (10)
  • Undelete messages (for 24 hours after initial deletion)
  • Pause, rewind, fast forward, adjustable speed and volume during playback
  • Forward / Reply to messages with comment
  • Forward messages to distribution groups
  • Append to messages
  • Time, date, and message source stamp
  • Auto copy messages to other mailboxes
  • Interview / Q&A mailbox
  • FIFO or LIFO stored message

Automated Attendant Features

  • Single digit dialing system menus
  • Powerful unlimited menu trees
  • Audiotext (informational) mailboxes
  • Day and Night greeting by schedule (or night button on Avaya Partner and Magix)
  • System holiday greeting by schedule
  • Routing by date and time
  • First and last name directory
  • Powerful multiple tenant and partitioning
  • Interruptible voice prompts
  • Caller queuing
  • Call screening
  • Call blocking

The DuVoice DV4 has the ability to send both faxes and voicemail to e-mail. Every time you receive and e-mail, your voice mail messages will be attached in .wav format for you to listen to. This is a great feature if you like to archive voice mail messages as well.

The Duvoice DV4 is scalable up to 8 ports. If you need a larger system, the DV2000 scales up to 48 ports.

Note: This product has been discontinued - click here for other Mitel products