GN Netcom 6210 Bluetooth Wireless Headset System

Note: The 6210 has been replaced by the M5390 Multiuse.

GN Netcom 6210 Bluetooth wireless headsetThe GN 6210 completely wireless Bluetooth headset brings the form and style of a mobile headset into the office by featuring a unique, behind-the-ear wearing style. Its contoured shape, complete with the patented MiniGel™ eartip, guarantees your comfort even withextended use. And the GN 6210’s microphone ensures your caller’s voice is clear. Freedom to move, multi-task and work smarter is all yours with the headset’s 33 ft range and up to 8-hours of talk time.

But we didn’t forget about your mobile lifestyle. The clever GN 6210 works wherever you work — in the office or on the move. With proprietary software, the headset is able to maintain a paired relationship with two phones – your office desk phone and your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. Using its ingenious GN Link™ technology, the GN 6210 identifies which phone is ringing and connects to it, giving you calling convenience like never ever before!

Increase your productivity and freedom with the GN 1000 Remote Hand Lifter. This device attaches to your phone and when it senses the magnetic field generated by the phone's ringer speaker, it sends a signal to your headset. When you answer, this great accessory for the 9120 lifts your phone's handset allowing you to take the call on your headset.

* Note: Wireless headsets do not have the same functionality as desk phones. Click here for an article on what you can and can't do with a wireless phone headset.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional design with behind-the-ear wearing style
  • Discreet, contoured shape, complete with patented MiniGel™ eartip
  • Up to 8 hours of talk time, and Bluetooth® 10 meter/ 33 ft range
  • Truly wireless headset for anywhere – inside and outside the office
  • Seamlessly works with any standard desk phone & Bluetooth® mobile phone

Note: The 6210 has been discontinued - see the M5390 Multiuse.

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