GN Netcom GN 2110 STD Phone Headset

GN Netcom GN 2110 Phone headsetGN Netcom GN 2110 STD Headset

The sleek, lightweight GN 2110 SoundTube™ uses Acoustic Transmission Line (ATL) technology—the first significant advancement in voice tube technology and design. GN Netcom's ATL technology eliminates sound reverberations and distortions usually associated with plastic voice tubes.

It's lightweight, very durable, and extremely comfortable, even if worn all day long. A click-stop headband provides a customized fit and pillow-soft ear cushions rest gently over the ear. This headset is compatible with "Direct Connect" telephones like Nortel Norstar business phones.

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Product Description
GN 2110 STD Phone Headset with Sound Tube Technology

An amplifier-compatible version is also available.

  • Sound reverberations eliminated with ATL technology
  • Convenient swing-away boom
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Full-size leatherette ear cushion
  • Two-year warranty
  • Designed for "Direct Connect" compatible phones
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