GN Netcom GN 2117 STD Headset

GN Netcom 2117 ST phone headsetGN Netcom GN 2117 STD Headset

Why does GN Netcom call their GN 2100 Series the next generation of professional headsets? Just look at the GN 2117 SoundTube. They have taken the most advanced voice tube technology and matched it with a sleek, lightweight design—for a combination of clarity, comfort and convenience that's really a breed apart.

The GN 2117 STD uses Acoustic Transmission Line (ATL) technology—the first significant advancement in voice tube technology and design. GN Netcom's ATL technology eliminates sound reverberations and distortions usually associated with plastic voice tubes. This over-the-ear design comes with GN Netcom's patented SureFit® flexible earhook which assures a perfect fit every time.

The GN 2117 STD headset works on Direct Connect phones (such as Meridian Norstar business phones) as well as on standard phones with a GN 8000 amplifier.

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Product Description
GN Netcom GN 2117 STD Over-Ear Headset


  • ATL technology eliminates sound reverberations
  • Convenient swing-away boom
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Full-size foam ear cushion
  • Two-year warranty
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