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FreeRide FXS-1401 VoIP Gateway

Note: QTelNet products have been discontinued - see our other VoIP Phones.

FreeRide FXS-1401 VoIP GatewayThe NEW FreeRide XS-1401 Gateway supports two channels of toll quality digital voice communications with other FreeRide components, via the Internet or corporate Intranet. It spans the gap between the network realm and analog office telephone equipment.

On the digital side, the FreeRide FXS-1401 connects to an IP network in the same manner as an office computer, via a standard 10-BaseT Ethernet port.

On the analog side, the FXS-1401 provides two ports for connection to office equipment such as a telephone or the trunk side of a switchboard (PBX). In other words, on the analog side, the FreeRide FXS-1401 Gateway appears like two phone lines.

At least one QTelNet FreeRide component is required for each office you wish to interconnect.

Product Highlights: (Click here for PDF Brochure)

  • Toll quality voice performance
  • Standalone functionality - gatekeeper not required!
  • Compatible with Network Address Translators and Virtual Private Networks (negotiates calls both on and off the VPN)
  • Distributed Dial Plan automatically compensates for unit re-addressing
  • Remote configuration and upgrades via browser interface, DHCP, FTP
  • Multiple CODEC support G.711, G.729 and auto-negotiation
  • NEW: separate analog ports for each of two devices
  • NEW: backup PSTN port for local dial tone in the event of power failure
  • NEW: mini-hub functionality with local Ethernet jack for PC
  • Two-year warranty

Note: QTelNet products have been discontinued - see our other VoIP Phones.