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TalkSwitch Phone System Features

VoIP with TalkSwitch

VoIP or traditional? With TalkSwitch, it's not an either/or proposition. VoIP-enabled TalkSwitch systems work with traditional and Voice over IP networks, giving you all the benefits of VoIP while maintaining your connection to the traditional telephone network. TalkSwitch lets you connect the way you want. Plus, you can buy your TalkSwitch system with built-in VoIP or add the VoIP module later.

The power of VoIP: cost savings and flexibility

Businesses with multiple branches in distant locations can connect their TalkSwitch systems over the Internet for branch-to-branch calling without long-distance charges. Branches can seamlessly share phone answering duties, program ring groups and call cascades that span multiple locations and transfer and conference calls from branch to branch without paying long-distance bills.

Using VoIP services

VoIP-enabled TalkSwitch systems can also connect to service offerings from VoIP service providers. See our always-growing list of approved service providers.

One system, two networks — the best of both worlds. VoIP-enabled TalkSwitch systems work with Voice over IP and the traditional telephone network.

VoIP now or VoIP later

Don't need VoIP today? TalkSwitch systems that don't have built in VoIP can be upgraded later. TalkSwitch gives you the freedom to add VoIP when you need to while protecting your current investment.

Get VoIP with analog phones

In addition to converging VoIP and traditional network access in a single system, VoIP-enabled TalkSwitch systems allow businesses to use VoIP without IP phones. All TalkSwitch systems work with standard analog telephone sets, even for VoIP calls.

Expand with VoIP gateways

Even small branches and teleworkers that don't require their own phone systems onsite can be integrated with TalkSwitch VoIP gateways.

What is your capacity for VoIP? Take our VoIP capacity test.

Unfamiliar with Voice over IP? See our VoIP Primer.

Want to add VoIP to your existing TalkSwitch? Upgrade (coming soon).

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