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TalkSwitch Phone System Features

Remote Extensions

Respond faster. Collaborate better. Stay in touch anywhere. TalkSwitch remote extensions keep you connected to your business no matter where you are. Any phone, anywhere can be added as an extension of your system. Cell phones, home phones or phones in other offices, other cities, even in other countries get seamlessly integrated into your main system.

TalkSwitch remote extensions are more than simple call forwarding. You can transfer, screen and even conference call from your remote extensions. It's like having your phone system with you anywhere you need it.

Mobile workers and teleworkers

Remote extensions are ideal for mobile and teleworkers. Customers, partners and suppliers can reach them by dialing the main office number, whether they're teleworking, on the road or in the office. Callers dial 3-digit remote extensions directly when the auto attendant answers, or can be transferred to a remote extension from any other extension in the system.

Sophisticated call routing

Just like local extensions, you can add remote extensions to call cascades and ring groups for sophisticated call routing options. You can have your calls ring first at your desk, then your cell phone, then your home phone. Or all three at once. For your callers, the experience is seamless; you can take their call on the golf course without them knowing you're out of the office.

Remote capacity

Each TalkSwitch system includes capacity for 10 remote extensions. The maximum remote extension capacity is 40 for a networked system with multiple units.

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