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TalkSwitch Phone SystemPhone Freedom

Unlike most PBX systems, TalkSwitch doesn't tie you down to proprietary telephones

Pick your own phones

We made TalkSwitch to work with any standard analog telephone, cordless or corded, giving you the flexibility and freedom to outfit your office your own way. Businesses with existing telephones can continue to use them rather than purchasing new equipment.

Cost-conscious? You can find inexpensive sets. Prefer to use a premium phone, specific brand, cordless phone or one with special functions for the way you work? With TalkSwitch, you buy the phones you want.

IP phones and softphones too*

TalkSwitch also works with selected IP telephones. Using IP extensions can save you money on wiring if you're just starting out or opening a new office. Because they run on your LAN rather than on traditional telephone lines, there's no need to wire your office for both kinds of networks. Or you can do away with telephones altogether by using selected softphones that run on your computer.

VoIP without IP telephones

With VoIP-enabled TalkSwitch systems, you have access to Voice over IP with your standard analog telephones. You don't have to buy specially equipped phones or additional VoIP gateways. Whether your call goes over the Internet or the traditional telephone network, TalkSwitch works with your standard phone.

Tailor-made for TalkSwitch

If you do need phones or want to upgrade your phone sets, see our line of analog phones. We built them with everything a business phone needs, and they work seamlessly with our systems.

*Not available on TalkSwitch 24-CA.

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