TalkSwitch Phone System Memory Upgrades

TalkSwitch Phone System Features

Mode Scheduling

TalkSwitch automatically treats calls differently after hours and on holidays so that your callers get handled professionally no matter when they call.

Time of the day, day of the week

You can schedule different auto attendants to answer the phone differently after work hours or on weekends, giving emergency contact options if you like, letting callers leave messages if nobody is around to take a call or simply telling them when you'll be open next. You can even set TalkSwitch to close for lunch.

Holiday mode

Pick from a standard calendar of official holidays or input your own special closing days. Either way, TalkSwitch has you covered while you're off relaxing.

Manual and automatic

TalkSwitch is flexible. In addition to scheduled mode changes, you can manually change modes any time you want, onsite or remotely from any telephone.

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