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TalkSwitch Phone System Features

Call Detail Record Logging

Track the calls that go through your system with sophisticated information, including call length, line usage, wait times and all the transfers or holds that happen to a call.

Ideal for billing information

Bill your clients for calls? TalkSwitch call detail record logging allows you to assign account codes to calls and then track precisely how much time you spend on the phone with them. Even if you're not billing clients for time, Call Detail Record Logging can help you improve efficiency and analyze the amount of time you spend on the phone with customers, suppliers and partners.

Rich call information

Call Detail Record Logging tells you the date, time and duration of a call, whether calls were inbound or outbound, caller ID name and number (if available). It also indicates such events as whether a call was answered by your auto attendant, transferred to an extension, queued at an extension, transferred to voicemail or blocked. It's a complete history of everything that happened to every call.

Store, display and analyze

You can store the information as a file or have it displayed live on your computer as it happens. Your call data can also easily be imported into any call management software or an Excel spreadsheet so you can group, sort and tally critical business information like total line usage for a day, number of inbound calls, average call wait times, average call times and number of calls per line. It's a wealth of information that you can use to improve your customer service and increase your efficiency.

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