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ShoreTel Director

ShoreTel Director

ShoreTel DirectorShoreTel Director is a Web-based tool that provides a single management interface for all voice applications, across all locations.

Users can manage voice routing, voicemail, auto-attendant, conferencing, instant messaging, and basic automated call distribution (ACD) capabilities for every site in the network. This eliminates the need for multiple management systems for different PBXs, sites, and basic applications.

Extremely easy to learn and use, ShoreTel Director helps to improve administrator productivity, lowers ownership costs, and reduces strain on IT resources.

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Product Description
Shoretel Director

ShoreTel Director Features:

Plug and play deployment; easy scalability

ShoreTel Director recognizes all active IP phones on the network and configures them automatically. As new users are created, they are automatically assigned an extension, mailbox, and auto-attendant profile.

Performance status at-a-glance

A single-screen view of the entire enterprise system shows the performance status and health of all key components, at all times.

Integrated software distribution

Integrated software distribution for voice switches, IP phones, and desktop applications helps to reduce support overhead and ensure system optimization.

One-click collaboration management

Administrators can set up a user with integrated conferencing and instant messaging services simply by clicking on the user's page.

Call Detail Reporting (CDR)

The ShoreTel CDR service incorporates call records for all locations into a single, unified database on the ShoreTel server. The service also aggregates call records into a text file for use by third-party call accounting packages.

Comprehensive Reports

Bundled with ShoreTel Director is a comprehensive set of predefined reports to use in determining system utilization and optimizing performance, such as WAN bandwidth utilization.

Contact Center Director

Additional management tools for contact center capabilities, with the ability to build intuitive, business-driving contact flows for voice, text, and email interactions. Users can easily manage call flows, scripting, and agent skill-mixes, to deliver exceptional customer service.

Skills and call flow management

A simple, graphical interface allows administrators to set and manage the capabilities rankings of agents, and to match them to the flow of inbound contacts. It is easy to view and manage call flows and to adjust routing based on the caller’s identity, source of origin, or other factors.

Custom scripting

Contact Center Director features a graphical and intuitive call flow builder. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can select from an array of interactions with their callers and simply drop them into the call from for a custom script. As scripts are saved, they instantly become live in the current system.

Online documentation

Searchable online documentation provides quick and easy answers.

ShoreTel Director Documentation:

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