Norstar T7316e

T7316e Nortel Norstar phone

The Nortel Norstar T7316e phone is the one that everyone is talking about. We are selling T7316e phones by the truckload! Our wholesale pricing makes this an affordable upgrade to your older M7310 executive display telephone. These phone sets come with a swivel display, 16 display buttons for phone line, DSS, and feature keys, programming soft keys (like your M7310 has), a volume up and down bar, a headset button for fast toggling between your handset and headset.

Click on the links below to buy T7316e phones, view our main T7316e page, view and buy the new T24 KIM CAP module, or to go to our main Norstar T-series phones page to see all of our great Nortel Meridian Norstar and BCM telephones.

Nortel Norstar T7316e phone 7316E charcoal (black) telephone headset Nortel Norstar T7316e phone 7316e platinum color telephone
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Product Description
Nortel Norstar T7316e Telephone: Charcoal
Nortel Norstar T7316e Telephone: Platinum

Note: T7316e phones have a 1-year warranty.

Local telephone companies: Buy Norstar T7316e phone sets at wholesale prices for your rental phones program.