Telephone Magic USB On Hold Message Player

telephone on hold message player USB digital hardware system low cost budget unitTelephone Magic now offers it's own budget-oriented USB telephone on hold message player! Messages On Hold are easier than ever with our digital message unit designed for continuous audio playback.

Our USB system improves the design of original MOH players from other manufacturers - we added an external speaker which allows you to preview your on hold messages. Audio is stored on a removable USB Flash drive which plugs into the USB hub on the unit. Your audio files are played in alphanumeric order depending on their filenames, making organizing your content a snap! Audio files are emailed to clients without the need to ship physical media.

Telephone Magic USB Message On Hold Player digital hardware unit
Product Description
Telephone Magic USB Message on Hold Player

On Hold Message Player Features:

Standard MP3 Playback: MP3 audio is the most popular audio compression format. You can use MP3 files with sampling rates from 8 to 256 kbps, depending on the quality you require. No additional software is required to load MP3 files to the USB flash drive.

on hold message player Telephone magic USB digital hardware system low cost budget unit topElectronic Delivery - Very user friendly! - The process of receiving message on-hold updates is easy! Simply remove the USB flash drive from the unit, and plug into the USB port of a computer. Audio files are a "drag and drop" transfer from the computer into the USB flash drive. Plug the flash drive back into the USB On Hold Message player for instant audio playback.

Your on hold message producer can simply e-mail you the files for your message-on-hold updates. Save the MP3 file to the USB flash drive and load it into our USB hardware - quick and easy!

Telephone on hold message player USB digital hardware system bottomCommercial Grade Hardware: Our USB unit is intended for use in business applications that include message-on-hold and in-store music / announcements.

The system has a constant power source and the solid-state memory will re-boot the audio playback automatically after a power outage. No more need to reset the unit when the power's been out!

The durable aluminum case can withstand rugged phone room conditions and reduces possible RF interference. The compact design and visible flanges ensure an easy installation on the phone room system's wall.

Volume Control: The output volume is continuously variable, allowing you to fine tune your message playback volume.

External Speaker : Our USB Message On Hold player improves the design of original digital On Hold Message systems with the addition of an external speaker which allows you to preview your on hold messages right at the unit after uploading them to the USB key.

On Hold Message Player Specifications:

Dimensions: W 4.5" x H 2.5 " x D 1.75 " (total width with wall mount tabs is 5.5")
Weight: 1.2 lb. (boxed)
Sampling Rate: 8K to 256K Stereo - autodetected by unit
Recording Time: Selectable per flash drive
Recording Methods: Drag & Drop onto flash drive
Memory Capacity: Up to 16 GB
Power Source: 120VAC 60 Hz to 9VDC @ 500 mA
Audio Output:RCA - 8 Ohm

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