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Interalia iProMOH-SU
Music On Hold Message Player

Interalia iProMOH-SU Music on Hold Message PlayerThe iProMOH-SU is a digital music and message announcer designed for music-on-hold and overhead music and messaging applications. The SAM (Simple Audio Mixer) software makes it easy to program your playlists.

Use the iProMOH-One for your telephone's music on hold system, or for in-store announcements over your store's paging system.

Interalia Music on Hold Message Players
Product Description
Interalia iProMOH-SU Music on Hold Message Player

iProMOH-SU Music On Hold Features

  • Update content and firmware via USB flash drive
  • Mix and cross fade music and messages for a professional image
  • Begin operation right out of the box with 4 minutes of pre-loaded royalty-free music
  • SAM (Simple Audio Mixer) desktop software easily creates your playlist
  • Easy to Install - iProMOH-One is compatible with any PBX or Key phone system supporting external music on hold, as well as any PA system accepting line-level or speaker level audio inputs

In Store Announcements and Paging

  • Schedule up to to ten (10) messages to occur at preset times and dates.
  • Shuffle music and/or messages to eliminate repetive playback.
  • Mix recorded announcements on live music streams.

Music on Hold Content Providers

  • SAM software provides the ability to secure playback from a specific audio content provider at a specific customer location
  • Protect contracts with a configurable stale date

iProMOH-One Product Literature:

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