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Interalia Multi-Site Content Manager
(iMCM) With iProMOH v4
Networked Music On Hold Message Player

Interalia iMCMInteralia's iMCM (Multi-site Content Manager) for iProMOH allows companies with multiple locations to easily lcreate and manage recorded announcements, music on hold and on-site music and messaging.

iMCM simplifies messaging across geographics and time zones to multiple end points. The system allows managers to apply content and schedules to global, regional or local play lists, eliminating the need to manually replicate schedules, music or messages for each location.

iMCM and iProMOH is the most cost effective solution to create, implement and broadcast a professional quality message consistently to your audience.

Interalia Music on Hold Message Players
Product Description
Interalia Multi-Site Content Manager Central Control Software
Interalia iProMOH v4 for iMCM (One required per location)

iMCM Features

  • Time and date message scheduling capabilities
  • Priority message scheduling
  • Copy & paste schedules, groups or entire configurations
  • Update single, multiple or all iProMOH's from a central location
  • Intuitive folder structure similar to Microsoft Windows
  • Allow secure web access to user specific folders
  • Flexible scheduling of iProMOH check-in / update times
  • Application activity logging and notifications
  • Detailed schedule reporting
  • Bulk audio uploads

Each managed site requires one iProMOH v4

  • 2 channel, 10 hour storage capacity, AC power
  • Music-in port allows for studio quality mixing of recorded announcements with music streams from a licenced service. iProMOH supports simultaneous playback to both output channels
  • Output 1: PBX (600 ohm) or PA (8 ohm)
  • Output 2: PBX (600 ohm) only
  • Play options: Music only, messages only, mixed music and messages, real time mixing of messages on a licenced music stream

iMCM Product Literature:

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