Message On Hold Hybrid 7100 Digital Announcer

Message On Hold Hybrid 7100 Digital Announcer

Message on Hold Hybrid 7100 - Premier ethernet or USB loaded digital MOH equipment hardware systemThe Hybrid 7100 is a solid-state Music On Hold player that can receive a new audio upload via Ethernet connection. This rack mount On Hold player is ideal for applications that require audio distribution over an IP network to multiple locations.

For Ethernet applications, new On Hold updates can be uploaded to the device through the customer's Local Area or Wide Area Network (WAN). Audio can also be remotely managed to multiple locations via the Internet using standard Port 80 and a Content Management System (CMS). Both methods of delivery accept a standard MP3 audio file.

The Hybrid 7100 offers a flexible installation. Users can mount the device to a wall next to the phone system, or in a server rack environment.

Premier Hybrid 7100 Message On Hold player digital unit hardware
Product Description
Premier Technologies Hybrid 7100 Message on Hold Player (LAN/Internet)
Rack Mount Kit for Hybrid 7100 (base unit not included)
Content Management System (CMS software) for Hybrid 7100

Hybrid 7100 Features:

Network Delivery

The Ethernet connection allows for remote audio upload via LAN, WAN or Internet. The Hybrid 7100 has a built-in GUI that allows the user to assign static IP settings and even control volume level.

LCD Display

The LCD screen will display device IP information, volume level and configuration settings. The LCD can also display a customized “banner” which can display a company name or device description.

Rack Mount (Optional)

In addition to a standard wall mount, the Hybrid 7100 can also be mounted in a server rack (consumes 1 rack unit). The Hybrid 7100 is shown above with the optional rack mount kit.

Mp3 Compatible

The Hybrid 7100 is compatible with a standard MP3 audio file. Recommended MP3 bit rate is 64-128 Kbps.

Hybrid 7100 Specifications:

  • Weight: 3 lbs (boxed)
  • Dimensions:
    2" x 7" x 4" - wall unit
    2" x 19" x 4" - rack unit
  • Audio Format: Ethernet: MP3 (up to 256 kbps)
  • Download Software:
    LAN/WAN: Built in GUI
    Internet: Content Management System (optional)
  • Power Source: 12V DC @ 800 mA
  • Audio Output: 600 ohm (line out) and 8 ohm (amplified)

Hybrid 7100 Documentation:

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