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Interalia SBX2
Announcement and Call Processing System

Interalia SBX2Easily manage calls and announcements with the SBX2 Messaging System from Interalia.

With a friendly Windows-based software interface and secure remote management options through TCP/IP, modem, and dial-up, SBX2 offers superior agility and eas-of-use to businesses seeking a versatile but simple messaging solution.

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Product Description
Interalia SBX2 Announcement and Call Processing System

With the SBX2, you can:

  • Automate and standardize your most frequent announcements
  • Process up to 300 calls per hour
  • Record studio quality announcements on streamed music feeds
  • Easily configure and update messages with Windows-based software
  • Accommodate diverse communities with multi-language broadcasts
  • Broadcast to multiple zones at once (depending on your PA system)
  • Broadcast simultaneously through PBX, PA and RF systems
  • Recover from fail over with pre-programmed messages
  • Broadcast in real-time during emergencies with disaster recovery tools
  • Immediately make changes from anywhere with built-in remote access options
  • Manage multiple sites from a single location

Interalia SBX2 Product Literature:

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