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Intelligent Telephone Music and Message On Hold Announcer

Intelligent Telephone Music and Message On Hold AnnouncerThe Interalia iProMOH is an affordable and intelligent solution that solves all the typical problems associated with promotional on-hold  and in-store announcement systems. It even automatically updates its own music and message files via the internet so you'll know your files are always up-to-date.

The new Interalia iProMOH is 2 solutions in one. It is a digital announcer that can entertain and inform on-hold callers and an in-store public address system for broadcasting music and/or messages to store patrons.

The iProMOH allows on-hold callers and store patrons to listen to pre-recorded messages, pre-recorded music, blended music/messages, or messages cross-faded with music from an external source such as a live satellite feed, or an internally stored music bed.

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Product Description
Interalia iProMOH Message On Hold, In-Store Promotion Digital Announcer

On-Hold Announcements:

The iProMOH can play messages and/or music to callers that are put on-hold. It can entertain callers and provide information on new products, advertising and frequently asked questions.

In-Store Announcements:

The iProMOH turns an in-store public address system into a powerful marketing tool by playing background music for store patrons, introducing campaigns, reinforcing company advertising and answering frequently asked questions.

Content Administration Software

iProMOHs receive their updated music and message files from the iProMOH Content Administration Software (iCAS). This software can be hosted on a Windows 2000 or XP workstation that on a local LAN, or an external server elsewhere. One host can easily update the same message(s) into one, or multiple iProMOH units at the same time.

iProMOH Initiated Updates:

The iProMOH is so intelligent it uses 'pull technology' to update its music and message files by automatically calling out over an internet connection to a “host” web server at scheduled intervals. It then downloads new files directly from the host into itself. Messages can be downloaded weeks or months in advance, and held until the appropriate date when they are automatically played.

Host-Initiated Updates:

Using 'push technology', administrators can tell the iProMOH to initiate a download from the iCAS host. This is used when corporate offices want to have precise control over when their iProMOHs are updated, such as to coordinate store campaigns, or manage LAN traffic.

What Makes The iProMOH Unique?

There are a lot of things that make the iProMOH unique. First, the iProMOH uses 'pull technology' to request downloads from the host. Second, a standard web protocol is used to send messages to the iProMOH so firewalls are not an issue. Third, technical staff are not required to install messages. Fourth, a variety of audio file formats are supported. Fifth, administrators can initiate downloads from the iCAS host, and last but not least, the iProMOH smoothly cross fades between seperate music and messages, enabling the user to change the voice-over prompts without having to change the music and vice-versa.

iProMOH Advanced Features:

  • Uses 'pull technology' to request downloads
  • Uses 'push technology' for LAN based downloads
  • Uses a standard Web protocol to send messages so firewalls are not an issue
  • Technical staff are not required on-site
  • Variety of audio file formats are supported
  • Smoothly cross fades between music and messages

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