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Meridian Norstar Voice Mail comparison

Note: VoiceGate products have been discontinued - click here for other Norstar Voice Mail systems.

VoiceGate Lite vs. Startalk Flash Voice Mail for Nortel Meridian Norstar ICS

The popularity of the Nortel Meridian Norstar phone systems in the small to medium sized installations continue to grow at an unprecedented rate.

It offers flexibility, expandability, ISDN capability and a digitally integrated call processing system. Best of all, it's one of the most cost effective phone systems the market has to offer.

It does have one major drawback: its Startalk Flash integrated call processing system has a very limited feature pack and its ability to expand and accommodate growth of number of users, minutes of storage and flexible call routing is very restrictive.

If you want to have a really powerful combination, bundle the Norstar with Telephone Magic's VoiceGate digitally integrated call processing solution. Our VoiceGate voicemail system does more and will stand the test of time. While the Startalk Flash may cost less in the short term, when your needs grow, you will be forced to replace it with something more robust.

Our proven VoiceGateLITE and VIP4000 call processing systems combined with Norstar strengths and price point makes this combination a sure winner.

VoiceGate Lite:

  • 2 port / 30 mailboxes / 130 HOURS!
  • 4 port / 60 mailboxes / 130 HOURS!

Startalk FLASH:

  • 2 port / 24 mailboxes /  90 minutes
  • 4 port / 48 mailboxes /180 minutes
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How do you decide between the VoiceGate Lite or the full-featured VoiceGate VIP4000?

If you have a Meridian Norstar application that requires less than 4 voice mail ports and less than 60 mailboxes with only 1 company desired, then our VoiceGate LITE is the industry's most cost-effective solution to fit your current call processing and budgetary constraints. Otherwise, for more advanced applications, our VoiceGate VIP4000 is your best bet.


VoiceGate Lite

VoiceGate VIP4000

Number of VM Ports 2 or 4 ports only but may be upgraded to the VIP4000 to support up to 24 ports 4 ports up to 24 ports
Number of Mailboxes 30 mailboxes for 2 ports and 60 mailboxes for 4 ports but can be upgraded to the VIP4000 250 mailboxes standard that can be upgraded to 1000.
Number of Companies 1 company / tenant application only. 4 companies/ tenants standard that can be upgraded to 12. Trunk to port supervision (reading trunk ID) is available without the need to dedicate ports for each company.
Fax On Demand Not supported but may be upgraded to the VIP4000 to be made available Optional feature
Scripted Prompts (Questions and Answers) Not supported but may be upgraded to the VIP4000 to be made available Optional feature
Features All features supported except items mentioned above All features supported

How do you decide between the VoiceGate LITE or Nortel Startalk Flash?

There really is NO COMPARISON between these competitive voicemail products.


The Startalk FLASH offers only basic features, minimal voice storage time, and very limited growth.

Here's the PLAIN FACTS regarding these two systems:


VoiceGate Lite

Nortel Startalk Flash

Number of Ports 2 to 4 ports (expandable to 24 ports 2 to 4 ports (maximum 4 ports
Hours of Storage 130 hours 90 / 180 mins.
Number of mailboxes 30 / 60 (expandable to 1000) 24 / 48
Class of Service 50 (dynamic) 8 (fixed)
Type of System Digital - emulates 7310 Phone set (no VMI or ATA needed) Digital
LCD Display Displays "MESSAGE FOR YOU" and # of old and new messages voice prompted Displays "MESSAGE FOR YOU" and # of old and new messages
Digital Station Ports Each voice mail port requires 1 station port 1 station port for every 2 voice mail ports
Personal Greetings 11 2
Automated Overhead
Pre & Post paging
Yes No
Record a Conversation / All Conversations Up to 30 mins. / conversation No
Message Notification 5 numbers 5 numbers
Display Phone Numbers on Pager Notification Yes No
Personal Assistant (0) Yes No
External Call Redirect (Pre / Post) Yes / Yes No / No
Busy On Hold Yes No
Tenanting / Companies 1 (Optional upgrade to 4 or 12) 1
Fax On Demand Upgrade to VIP4000 No
Automated Extension Change Yes No
IVR Tree 10 X 49 Levels 8 X 2 Levels
Programming On-line through PC terminal remote administration (optional) Through phone set on site
KSU Programming through Voice Mail Yes (Optional NS Gateway) No
System Dist. Lists 20 2
Future Msg. Delivery Yes No
Deleted Msg. Recovery Yes No
Questions & Answers Upgrade to VIP4000 NO
Call Screening Yes No
Stripped Down Mailbox Yes No
Automatic Timed Message Copy Yes No
Interrupt Mailbox No Yes

Note: VoiceGate products have been discontinued - click here for other Norstar Voice Mail systems.