Teledex Guest Room Phones

Teledex VoIP Hotel Phones

For VoIP hotel telephones, see our TeleMatrix 3300IP Phone Series.

Teledex is the world leading manufacturer of hotel phones. Telephone Magic is a leading distributor of Teledex Guest Room Phones. It's that simple.

Teledex VoIP Hotel PhonesTeledex VoIP hospitality phones reflect the experience of more than twenty years that Teledex has been building the industry’s most feature-rich, rugged guest room phones. Teledex VoIP phones are designed specifically for hospitality; they’re not simply a re-purposed design originally intended for an office environment.

Why Choose VoIP?

VoIP stands for "Voice over Internet Protocol." It uses the same network as your data network to handle voice calls throughout your property. By deploying a VoIP solution, such as Teledex iPhone IP, you only have one network to manage, which helps reduce costs. With VoIP, your in-room phones are a simply another device on the data network, and can be managed and upgraded easily by your IP staff from one central location, even remotely.

VoIP also allows you to deliver more content and services to the telephone display, providing a richer, more satisfying experience to your guests.

Teledex VoIP Hotel Phones

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Teledex iPhone IP

The new Teledex iPhone IP leverages your SIP-based voice network, and brings a whole new set of value and content to the guest room. With its brilliant 5.6” color touchscreen, outstanding voice quality, and stunning new industrial design, iPhone IP helps make your guest rooom phones a profit center again. This VoIP telephone will revolutionize the way your guests communicate from your hotel property.

Teledex iPhone Hybrid

Sharing the same exact case design as iPhone IP, the new iPhone Hybrid allows any property, regardless of network infrastructure, to deliver state-of-the-art VoIP functionality to the guest room. IPhone Hybrid combines standard analog voice and a crisp, data-driven color touchscreen in a new phone that invites your guests to use the phone in ways they never have before.

For VoIP hotel telephones, see our TeleMatrix 3300IP Phone Series.