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Teledex iPhone IP VoIP Hotel Phone

For VoIP hotel telephones, see our TeleMatrix 3300IP Phone Series.

Teledex is the world leading manufacturer of hotel phones. Telephone Magic is a leading distributor of Teledex Guest Room Phones. It's that simple.

Teledex VoIP Hotel PhonesThe new Teledex iPhone IP is designed for the specific needs of today’s hotel environment. Combining VoIP voice and rich, graphical content in one stunning new design that’s easy for guests to use, iPhone brings you new ways to generate new revenues and cut your operating costs, all at the same time.

What Makes iPhone Different?

Teledex iPhone IP and iPhone Hybrid phones have been designed from the ground up specifically for the unique needs of the hospitality market.

Unlike some other VoIP solutions that may be used in hotels, that are simply repurposed designs originally designed for other applications, both the hardware and software of iPhone has been designed with hotel applications in mind.

From the layout of the interface, to the color touch screen display, to simple-to-use content management tools, only iPhone is designed with the hotelier (and their guests) in mind.

Ready for Your Network. Now.

iPhone integrates seamlessly into your SIP environment, providing you the cost control benefits of managing just one network for both voice and data services to guest rooms. iPhone supports all major protocols and codecs, and delivers outstanding quality-of-service in a phone that has a sensible, familiar layout, so guests find it easy to use.

Customized Content Gets Results.

iPhone guest room terminals are networked with an iPhone content management server (CMS) that enables you to customize the content your guests see, from information about your hotel, to local attractions, loyalty programs and more. The iPhone CMS also brings in content from the Internet (news, weather, sports, and more) and delivers it to your iPhone screens in a user-friendly layout that keeps guests entertained and informed.

For VoIP hotel telephones, see our TeleMatrix 3300IP Phone Series.