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Teledex iPhone Hybrid VoIP Hotel Phone

For VoIP hotel telephones, see our TeleMatrix 3300IP Phone Series.

Teledex is the world leading manufacturer of hotel phones. Telephone Magic is a leading distributor of Teledex Guest Room Phones. It's that simple.

Teledex VoIP Hotel PhonesThe new Teledex iPhone Hybrid combines a high-quality analog telephone with an IP-based data-driven display that allows you to use your existing Cat 3 phone wiring to deliver the very latest in VoIP functionality and services. iPhone Hybrid protects your investment in your existing analog voice infrastructure, while providing cutting edge technologies and content right away.

Why a Hybrid?

If you have an analog voice infrastructure (commonly running over Cat2/3 cabling, or "POTS"), but want to deliver the sizzle of VoIP, it used to mean you were out of luck. Not any more.

Now, you can use the iPhone Hybrid with your existing analog PBX, and yet still deliver cutting-edge content, graphics and services, using our ExpressNet high-speed data transport technology. So you can get the longest life posibble out of your analog voice PBX and then, when it's time to upgrade to a pure VoIP solution, all you need is a firmware upgrade to your iPhone Hybrids and they instantly become iPhone IP models!

iPhone Hybrid levels the playing field for all hotels. Today, and in the future.

When You’re Ready for VoIP, So is Your iPhone Hybrid.

The great thing about the iPhone Hybrid is that with a simple software upgrade, it turns into a full-blown VoIP telephone that integrates right into your SIP-based VoIP network. So you can get all the benefits of an interactive touchscreen and content now, and when you decide to upgrade to a pure VoIP solution, you don’t need to buy new telephones. Just upgrade the software to convert your iPhone Hybrids to iPhone IP models, and make the transition seamless.

Customized Content Gets Results.

All iPhone Hybrid guest room terminals are networked with an iPhone content management server (CMS) that enables you to customize the content your guests see, from information about your hotel, to local attractions, loyalty programs and more. The iPhone CMS also brings in content from the Internet (news, weather, sports, and more) and delivers it to your iPhone screens in a user-friendly layout that keeps guests entertained and informed.

For VoIP hotel telephones, see our TeleMatrix 3300IP Phone Series.