UltraSwitch 400
Line Sharing Device

Note: The UltraSwitch 400 has been discontinued - view our other Line Sharing Devices

UltraSwitch 400 Plus line sharing deviceThe Ultraswitch 400 plus is designed to share 4 existing CO lines from your PABX/KSU with any fax, credit card readers, or modems. These applications make it the perfect device for multiple internet users in your business. The Ultraswitch 400 will automatically distribute available lines in sequence to 4 individual devices and send a busy signal to your PABX/KSU line appearance. Individual units can be stacked together to expand from 4 devices to 8, 12 or more devices to be shared on the same 4 CO lines. In addition, the Ultraswitch 400 needs no programming.


  • Internet access solution (modem pooling)
  • Terminal device automatically hunts for free lines
  • Share existing PABX/KSU line with any fax, credit card readers, modem. 
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • No programming
  • Direct ring through on in-bound calls to 4 ports
  • Provides busy tone for lines in use
  • Expandable to support 8, 12 or more devices
  • Direct connection ensures no limitation on modem speeds
  • Supports fax/modems that require dedicated incoming lines
  • Provides total exclusion between devices/lines

Typical Applications:

Basic Installation - 8 Devices sharing 4 C.O. lines

8 devices sharing 4 C.O. lines

Daisy Chaining Installation -When more than four hunting devices are required, it is possible to daisy chain several units. In the example below, there are twelve Terminal Devices connected and four KSU lines connected to the UltraSwitch. They are all sharing the same four lines.

UltraSwitch 400 Daisy Chained Line Sharing Device Installation

Note: The UltraSwitch 400 has been discontinued - view our other Line Sharing Devices

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