UltraSwitch 200 Line Sharing Device

UltraSwitch 200 four port line sharing deviceThe UltraSwitch 200 is essentially two products in one! As a four port line sharing device, this unit allows the user to share 4 devices (modem, credit card reader, fax, etc...) on a single line. It also allows 56k transmission. It provides total exclusion and busy tone between devices. As a Distinctive Ring Reader, it routes the standard telco “ident-a-call” numbers to the appropriate output, while still offering exclusion, busy tone, and 56k transmission.

Line Sharing Device Quote
Product Description
UltraSwitch 200 Line Sharing Device


  • Direct connection ensure maximum modem speed
  • Device “in use” indication
  • Home office application
  • Provides exclusion to active device
  • 4 device's sharing one line
  • Ident-a-call* distinctive ring routing to 3 devices
  • Plug into any modular telephone jack
  • No programming required
  • Plug & Play installation

Typical Applications:

Distinctive Ring - Install the UltraSwitch 200 before your phone system. The UltraSwitch will route your published telephone number to the KSU, published fax number to fax and published modem number to modem.

UltraSwitch 200 Device Quote

Line Sharing / Exclusive Mode- In this mode all four devices share an outgoing line. When one device is using the line, the other three devices will hear a busy tone.

UltraSwitch 200 Device Line Sharing

When using the UltraSwitch 200 with "Distinctive Ringing," the switch can decipher the "distinctive Ringing" provided by the telephone company. This service assigns multiple phone numbers to a single line, with each number having it's own ring identity. This allows the UltraSwitch 200 to identify and direct the three ring types to their specified jack, therefore, allowing three different devices to be on a single line, yet seen totally excluded from each other.