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TalkSwitch Voicemail

With remote message notification, forwarding capabilities, voicemail-to-e-mail options and additional general-use mailboxes, TalkSwitch voicemail puts you in control. And because it's built in, you don't have to pay every month for voicemail services.

Each TalkSwitch unit has one voice mailbox per local extension, one for each remote extension and 10 general-use mailboxes. Units come with 25 minutes of voice memory that gets shared between mailboxes and auto attendants.

Remote notification and voicemail to e-mail

You can receive automatic notification at your cell phone, pager or any other external phone when new voicemail arrives, in addition to the message waiting indicator on your desk telephone. You can also have your TalkSwitch notify you by e-mail *and include the voicemail in an audio file.

Upgradeable voicemail memory

Voicemail message time can be increased by 1, 2, 4½ or 9 hours by adding voicemail memory cards.

Additional voicemail features

  • Stamps each message with the date and time received.
  • Retrieve your messages from any telephone, inside or out of the office.
  • Voicemail forwarding to other voice mailboxes.
  • Includes the option to play announcements without allowing callers to leave messages.

* Not available on TalkSwitch 24-CA.

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