Meridian cordless PBX phone for Nortel Meridian 1 systems with mobile wireless M2616 features

Meridian Cordless Phone
Nortel CM-16 PBX Telephone

Meridian pbx cordless phone CM-16 quote

Finally - a cordless phone solution for Meridian 1 PBX systems!

If your M1 system uses M2616 telephones, the Nortel Meridian CM-16 cordless phone is for you.  At last, a mobile PBX phone for older Meridian M1 systems that is easy-to-use and integrates just like an M2616 phone.

The Norel Meridian CM-16 cordless telephone improves productivity by providing mobility in M1 PBX business environments. It puts the power and features of the M2616 in the palm of your hand.

Nortel Meridian CM-16 cordless phone M1 PBX with M2616 featuresCM-16 Meridian Cordless Phone Features

  • Large 5 line backlit display
  • 2.4 GHz technology
  • Two softkeys for feature integration with M1 systems
  • Headset compatible
  • 50 name and number Directory
  • 10 number Redial
  • Compatible with M1 features such as Call Display, Call Waiting
  • Vibration alerter
  • Multi-functional indicator light
  • Includes base station, handset and charging stand


  • Supports Meridian 1 PBX protocol; emulates M2616
  • 2.4GHz Frequency Hopped Spread Spectrum (FH-SS)
  • Base station diversity receive and transmit for optimal mobility performance
  • Warehouse coverage up to 300,000 sq. feet
  • Nickel Metal Hydride battery - 4 day standby time, 4 hour talk time
  • Standard 120 V AC power supplies for base station and charging stand
  • Handset dimensions: 5.3 inch L x 1.8 inch W x 0.8 inch H
  • Handset weight: 4.7 oz


Nortel Meridian CM-16 cordless phone M1 PBX with M2616 features quote



Nortel Meridian CM-16 Cordless Phone (Complete Kit)


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