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Sparky+ USB Call Recorder Pro - Quick Start

For Model 780 SPARKY+ unit, start by downloading the latest software (see link below).

The recorder must be plugged into the computer only after the software has been installed.  Once the recorder is plugged in you will see a “Found New Hardware Dialog Box” on the screen.  You will see this dialog box twice.  Once the hardware is installed start the software and start recording.  Click on “Logout” To get into the administrator screen.  The default user is “ADMIN” and there is no password.  To get back into the player replace “ADMIN” with “URX” which is the default user and the default password is also “URX”.  If only recording is desired there is no need to make any changes in the administrator screen.

Sparky+ Software Download:

Windows 8 Version (works with Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems)

Windows Version 3 (works with all other Windows operating systems)

PDF: USB Recorder Installation Guide

PDF: USB Recorder Version 3 User Manual

Animated Installation Diagram:

Create a User:

Click on Logout (top left corner of the player, Enter “ADMIN” as user name and no password, click “OK”).  Create a user with a user name and user id. The default user is “URX”.  Click on the “New/Clear” button and create a new user. Make sure to save the new user by clicking the “floppy disk” button for saving.

Next make sure to click on the “Data Directory” button and enter the path to where you would like your recordings to be stored.


Move over to the General Tab and check “Login Needed”. Click on the floppy disk to save your new user.

Next enter your user name that was created into the location where the user name is ADMIN in order to return to the player; make sure to also enter the password you have created. So, to toggle between the Administrator screen and the Player simply enter either the ADMIN as a user or the user’s user name and password.

USB Pro Version (Sparky+)

Using Headsets

To use headsets:"Use Hdset" checkbox should be checked.  Insert the headset into the front jack of the USB Recorder.


When you want to playback through the phone you will need to check the "Play Phone" on the player.

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